How it works

We come to your home, office, gym… or wherever it suits you!

MobeeWash offers you a convenient and eco-friendly lifestyle choice. Follow 4 easy steps to join the MobeeWash movement.

1. Download & Register

MobeeWash is free and available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Complete your personal and vehicle details and join the MobeeWash movement.

2. Book a Wash

Log on to find a certified MobeeWasher in your area. You can choose to have a wash at home or book a wash at an operator near you…at your leisure! The date, time and price is your choice, with our convenient scheduling tool.

3. Wash

MobeeWash allows you to track the progress of your wash and keeps you posted. When completed, you will receive a notification to let you know when your vehicle is ready.

4. Pay and Rate

Payment is seamlessly and securely processed electronically once your car has been cleaned. Now that you are happy with your sparkling ride, please rate our service. We need to know that you are happy…and finally, please tell your friends!

Why MobeeWash?